Mittika Pushpa didi migrated to Delhi along with her family long back in search of employment. 'Dilli', for her is a city that has given wings to her dreams. She says "ab main bhi kamaati hoon. Mujhe achha lagta hai". She says she is more confident now. Back in her village, she says she faced constant scrutiny. Wearing salwar kameez instead of a saari was a big deal. She was not allowed to work outside her home. Working in the field and doing all the house chores in a sari used to be hard and tiresome. Delhi has provided her with the freedom to wear what she wants and earn a living for her family. She loves how no one judges or stares at her for what she wears in Delhi. "Zindagi toha asan hai bohut idhar didi!"
She says she feels on top of the world whenever she visits back home and people address her family as "arre ye to dilli waale log hain!" and laughs.
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Mittika Mittika invited Ms Tithiya Sharma to conduct a workshop on narrative reporting and women's writing for our 108 interns. It was an intensive, insightful evening.

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Mittika #WordOfTheDay
GBV, or Gender Based Violence, is a collective term for the acts of violence that are motivated by the victim's gender, as a result of inequalities between genders, or those that disproportionately affect one gender.
Are there some words that you want us to talk about? tell us in the comments below.
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Mittika The 108 Interns at Mittika have been busy recording interviews of some amazing women and writing their narratives. We organised a review meet for them to talk about their own journeys with Festival of Voices, where they shared their feelings, and perspectives with each other. They also shared the stories of women they have meet since t he beginning of this project. Such regular meet-ups have been important for us to chart directions for our project.
What do you think about women's narratives? Do you think hearing their stories can bring some changes?
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Mittika What is the role of a story?
Stories are magical in how they bring characters to life. When it comes to the stories of real women, they can evoke the most profound emotions, and bring out what the daily lives of women are made of. The thread of women's existence is so colourful, and stories told me these women are the best way to see those colours!
What do women's stories mean to you? Tell us in the comments below!
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Mittika Here's to the long history of women's struggle and recognizing the strength of women in their everyday lives. Here's to the journey ahead on this International Working Women's Day from Team Mittika!

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Mittika "Darbhanga se Dilli tak ka safar bohot lamba tha. But after I came to Delhi, I found that I had it in me to go out and earn as an equal partner to my husband. No work is small. I started working in people's kitchens 16 years ago, and I don't care what people say about it. I have worked hard to buy a house with my husband. I am going to make sure that my boys grow up to be educated men. Dilli mein nahi hoti toh shayad nahi kar paati yeh sab."

Bimla didi, a cook and domestic help in Haiderpur Badli, explains what Delhi has given to her, for #DelhiAndMe. What does the city mean to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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Mittika On the occasion on International Women's Day, we are pleased to bring back this intimate theater piece in collaboration with Delhi By Foot, Mandala and Lunar Energy. Do join us.Mittika shared Delhi By Foot's event.07.03.2018 at 06:21 pmLike
Mittika As our interns interact with women from diverse backgrounds, women that have extremely powerful against their personal and/or professional issues, they are going through a transformation themselves. Such stories of strength tend to inspire us to understand the lives and issues of the women around us, and recognise the struggles of everyday sexism.

Sharing a few pictures of our interns at work!

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Mittika For our second #WordOfTheDay, we are looking at Patriarchy. It is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and exclude women from positions of power.

What does this word mean for you? What word would you like to talk about next?

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