Mittika It was an inspiring experience to be facilitating the meeting with APCOM partners from seven countries that focused on cross learning and a collaborative development of the shared agenda for South Asia. The sheer depth and diversity of the work in the region left us feeling deeply enriched.Mittika shared APCOM's post.15.06.2018 at 12:05 amLike
Mittika Moments of work ... during the planning retreatMittika added 3 new photos.14.05.2018 at 04:00 pmLike
Mittika This is a visual sketch of the ideas and collaborative expression of our interns as their journey with Mittika's Festival of Voices: 108 Women's Narratives of resistance and Resilience completes the first phase. Follow this space for more as we delve further into women's experiences in the city.
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Mittika One of our interns, Saransh Bisht, shared this beautiful poem, talking of the timelessness of Delhi and the lives of those who live here, with us today for #DilliAndMe. <3

What does Delhi mean to you? Share your stories with us.
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Mittika "I came here from Calcutta, and I am extremely aware of Delhi not being Calcutta. Delhi, to me, has always remained a place about "whether to be or not to be'. It's as distant to me when i walk its roads as it is close to me when i meet its people and form bonds. Hauz Khas, Majnu ka Tila, Purana Quilla - I really like all these places and monuments in Delhi. But at the end of the day. often, it is me and the Delhi sky."

Sreyashi, a student of Masters in Sociology at JNU, talks about her conflicted feelings for Delhi for #DilliAndMe. What does this ciy mean to you? Share it with us!
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Mittika Closing this ToT for doctors, trainers and program managers from the government and large civil society organizations in Afghanistan was, for Mittika, the culmination of an intensive project comprising a status report on child sexual abuse in Afghanistan, developing a curriculum and a mapping study towards responding to the issue. It was, for us, a deeply churning experience.Mittika shared Afghanistan National AIDS Control Program's post.09.04.2018 at 04:54 pmLike
Mittika "For me, Delhi has so many metaphorical doors, and every door takes you to a new direction and helps you to reach out your dreams, in terms of education, profession, individual choices.
It's like a chocolate box filled with lots of amazing varieties of chocolates, you just need to pick one that you like.
Delhi has boosted my confidence, it gave me the freedom to fly wherever i want to. it is full of opportunities. I love this city and all its colours."

Our intern at Mittika, Sonali, shares her love for Delhi with us for #DilliAndMe. What does Delhi mean to you? Tell us in the comments below!
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Mittika For men and women in India to work together towards gender equality and empowerment, it is important to understand our traditional gender roles and work to change such definitions slowly. Can you think of some examples? Tell us below!

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Mittika "Delhi has given words to my thoughts. It has instilled in me a new kind of confidence. It has given me space to turn my ideas into actions. It was in Delhi that I realised that this world has no place for those who victimize themselves.. Privilege works in a strange way, the one who is privileged has the last word, the ones who know the art of convincing people survive here! If you don't present yourself in a certain fashion, you find it hard to belong to the city."

Prerna, an intern with Mittika's Festival of Voices, shares her inner turmoil about living in the city. What does this city mean to you? #108FestivalOfVoices #DilliAndMe #WomensNarratives
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Mittika "I love Delhi because it is giving me a chance to pursue higher studies. I go to school everyday and enjoy studying with my friends. If I talk about womens' safety, Delhi certainly lacks it. I fear going out in the dark and my parents always get worried if I get late while coming back from classes. Also, I feel Delhi is a city of the rich and for the rich. Influential people get their way through anything very easily whereas people like us have to work hard,struggle and suffer."

Neha, 18, a student writing her board exams this year talks to us about this city. What does Delhi mean to you?

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