Mittika Rani first moved to Delhi to get away from the strict caste barriers prevalent in her home town. Having survived multiple experiences of sexual violence and abuse, she has gone from being blamed for her experiences, to being pitied for them. Tired of constantly being marginalised by society, Rani finds solace in the work of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, and is determined to love herself and refuse to let people around her snatch away her dignity.

Our stories look at the experiences of many women like Rani who have found their own ways of surviving through unimaginable hardships, and are still standing strong in spite of everything that life has thrown at them.

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Mittika Here are some glimpses of the event Facing the Sun Film, Panel and Festival of Voices exhibition.

Thanks everyone for being there.
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Mittika As we gear up for the film screening tomorrow, the work on publishing these stories as a book goes on. And when we hear unexpected voices in support, we are reassured of the potential for change the stories have. This is what Mana, one of the young artists illustrating 12 of the 108 stories in the upcoming publication shared on WhatsApp. Thank you, Mana 🙂Mittika added 2 new photos.11.10.2018 at 02:16 pmLike
Mittika Sakshi Vij sold off her car to pay for an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio. She was twenty-four years old then. The studio soon became a space for her to learn tattooing, and develop her own sketches and style.

Though the act of drawing and sketching is often considered appropriate for women, tattooing it would appear, is not. A common question Sakshi has to tackle is whether it is her actual job or just a hobby: and if so, does she make enough money. “I come to the studio seven days a week. I work my ass off from 11 am to 8 pm. Just because I am a woman, doesn’t mean tattooing is not my profession.”

To know more about her, check our blogpost:

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Mittika When Anju's parents passed away, leaving her with wealth and property, her husband and his family began to harass her to hand it over to them by beating her up, and even plotting to murder her! As she coped with living with an abusive, alcoholic husband, in the face of lack of support from the police and NGOs, Anju had to devise her own ways of ensuring her safety, which involved smashing age-old ideas of being a gentle and demure woman.

Many of our stories explore the lives of women who have actively fought against the expectations imposed on them - ranging from disregarding the pressures of being the perfect housewife, to expressing aspects of their gender and sexuality that go against the norm.

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Mittika Here are some glimpses of our event FOV Feminist Meetup- 1st Edition.

Thanks Women's Development Cell, Miranda House for enabling us to have this dialogue.

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Mittika TOMORROW: Mittika, along with Team Zero, will be at St. Stephen's college, DU to share some of our amazing stories with you.

See you there!

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Mittika Here are some glimpses of our event Festival of Voices: Poetry Slam. Thanks everyone for making it a success.

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Mittika A Tibetan refugee living in Delhi, Tenzin was disheartened by the challenges that Tibetans faced in adjusting into their lives in India, and how endeavors by the Tibetan government to address this issue were going unnoticed. So, she chose to do her bit to make a difference by joining Envision, an organisation that helps Tibetan youth adjust to life in a country that is not their own. She says, “When they (Tibetan youth) go out, they shouldn't feel like frogs who have suddenly jumped out of the well.

Stay tuned for more such stories.

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Mittika TOMORROW: Mittika, along with Team Zero, will be at Ambedkar University, Lodhi Road to share some of our amazing stories with you.

See you there!

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