Mittika Extremely happy to officially launch the Festival of Voices: 108 Women's Narratives of Resistance and Resilience on Facebook! The project - which is very close to our hearts - aims at collecting, recording, and publishing the narratives of persistent strength shown by the women living across Delhi in overcoming various challenges faced by them.

Do tell us in the comments below if you know any of such brilliant women that have been resilient in the face of struggle. We would love to hear from you what you think about this project too!
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Mittika Delhi, with all its complexities, is such a vibrant city! The hidden bylanes with whiffs of food being cooked, streets full of young people jamming, discussing life and politics, women from all walks of life running with the metropolitan speed.
We want to know what Delhi means to you! So tell us WHAT DELHI MEANS TO YOU by commenting on this post below. Let's see what emotions the city has evoked in you!
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Mittika Here's to listening to the stories of women. Here's to the stories of women that have grown with Delhi. Here's to looking at the city's journey through the eyes of women walking its streets and driving down its roads.
Here's to celebrating their strength and resilience!

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Mittika It was a beautiful day when One Billion Rising, 2018 was organised in Central Park, Connaught Place in Delhi on 11th February, and Mittika had a blast while engaging with the attendees!

The Mittika-108 interns were all geared up for the day! We conducted several fun activities while engaging with men and women on the ideas around gender identities and women in public spaces. The participants expressed their feelings regarding terms used to shame women by painting over these words with our Colour Splash activity, and were excited to share what Delhi meant to them by sticking little notes on the map of Delhi. Working towards our Festival of Voices, we heard several women tell their stories of having overcome hardships, and ended the day with a pledge to work towards ending gender based violence.

Here are some pictures from the day!

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Mittika Mittika is undertaking a project very close to our hearts!

In 1911, Delhi became the capital of India. Over the years, it has acquired a reputation for being unsafe for women. Yet, it is home to women who are the epitome of strength and resilience in the face of constant struggle. These women continue to occupy various spaces of the city, and have grown, in their own lives, much like Delhi has.

At Mittika's 'Festival of Voices: 108 women's narratives of resistance and resilience', we wish to celebrate these women and their lived experiences. The program aims to document the narratives of these extraordinary women and make them available for a large number of people to engage with, using diverse means of print and digital publications, theatre, music, art etc.

Check this space for updates and become a part of its journey!
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