Mittika Rich learning and sharing with participants from 7 countries...Mittika shared Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme's post.30.08.2017 at 01:18 pmLike
Mittika Last week, Mittika explored identities, relationships, violence with over 150 people in Kolkata through intimate theater. The deep dialog with diverse audiences and the appreciation left us feeling humbled. The intimate theater piece, 'Unprepared' has been co-created by Mittika, Lunar Energy and Mandala-The Magic Circle. Here are a few glimpses...Mittika added 8 new photos.12.07.2017 at 06:18 pmLike
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Mittika When we (some of us who are a part of Mittika) worked on the 2nd volume of the study, Findings and Way Forward, we were convinced that work is indeed in progress in the region. We hope that this document does fulfill the purpose it was created for - to facilitate sharing of experiences, expertise and learning so that SRHR with and for youth, including advocacy, can strengthen in the region.29.03.2017 at 04:48 pmLike
Mittika Some of us worked hard last year for this mapping study, which covers nine countries in South Asia and showcases the dynamism of youth work and SRHR work in the region. Thank you, IPPF South Asia Region, for this project. It was inspiring for us.

This first volume contains a purposive sample of 68 organisations/ networks working either on issues of SRHR, youth development and participation or both, with full recognition that the two are intrinsically linked.

The data presented in the directory is information gathered either through primary data shared by the respective organisations/networks and/or supported by desk research. This is by no means an exhaustive list.
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Mittika It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with One Billion Rising-India and Jagori Himachal to take the dialog on gender justice to Kangra.Mittika shared One Billion Rising: India's post.21.03.2017 at 01:40 pmLike
Mittika Happy to feature on Voice Male magazine, Spring issue. Took us down memory lane.
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Mittika Recently, Mittika turned into a performance space when we, along with Lunar Energy and Mandala-The Magic Circle, opened the play 'Unprepared'. The pin drop silence after the performance and the subsequent discussions with the audience said to us that we are on to something worthwhile in this piece that explores identities and
notions of beauty, strength, vengeance, glory through exploring lived moments of the 'most desired woman' Draupadi and 'the strongest man' Bheem. And here's a glimpse of the play in the words of a member of the audience:
" The play with its minimal tools of illusion is surprisingly vivid. It touches on immediate sensory triggers such as the close physical proximity of the performers to the audience, the nuanced refreshingly natural light effects, musical notes and wafts of perfume. This gave me the feeling I imagine of a Noh performance ...I have never seen one but have read... where minimal suggestions of fragments vividly convey the whole... It was very organic theatre that left me reflecting on the meaning of life. In one word, it was elemental."
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Like this the world will change.

We enrich lifespaces in order to build a society without discrimination.

We co-create strategic action with partners, clients and stakeholders to realize gender justice and young people’s rights to development and participation.

Based in New Delhi, India, we work with partners across the country and in other countries in South Asia.