At Mittika, we hold a strong core and flexible structures to be able to do different kinds of work, address diverse development objectives and make impact on the ground. 

Core Team: This is our decision making unit, which comprises two founder members and two advisory members. Members of this team come with diverse professional experiences and expertise and also take on executive roles in programmes on a needs basis. The core team meets regularly to make critical decisions about Mittika’s direction and strategies, to develop partnerships and support programmes, and also to track, manage and report on progress. Decision making at the core team happen through consensus. 

Project Coordination Team: This team implements our strategies and projects, sets direction for activities related to specific projects as well as inputs into the core team’s processes. This team is also responsible for the information/reporting about project activities, outputs and impact within each project’s ambit. This group, comprising professionals with different skill sets, also includes an Accounts and Administration Coordinator. In the case of some projects, member/s of the core team as well as expert/s take on executive roles in this team. 

Implementation Support Unit: This team’s key responsibility is to implement specific projects activities to achieve short and mid-term objectives, as confirmed by the Project Coordination Unit.  Project implementation units are established where there is a clear and valid reason, and are supported by the Project Coordination Unit and subject-matter experts. Members of this group usually includes middle to junior level professionals and interns/volunteers.

Network of Experts:  This is an asset group, which Mittika collaborates with for fulfilling specific shared goals and targets. They are not a fixed part of the Mittika team but are engaged and compensated for their engagement. This network of experts are skilled in diverse areas from project planning, training, a range of art forms, experiential learning processes, monitoring and evaluation etc. Their engagement has been significant for Mittika since inception, for each member has added immense value to specific projects at various levels – from giving inputs/ recommendations on proposals, providing support in project development and implementation, team capacity building in specific areas as well as M&E.