‘Himmat se kaam lenge, ghabrana kesa’

In the last few weeks, Mittika along with Young Minds have performed at four different locations around Delhi (Gautam Buddha Nagar, Jheemar Pura, Civil Lines and Seema Puri). Through these performances we have been able to take the Festival of Voices to around 300 people across ages and cultures.

Through drama, our performers stitched together five different stories of five different women from Delhi all of whom have been able to transform their lives against all odds. The hymn – ‘himmat se kaamlenge, ghabrana kesa’ inaugurated each of these performances.  The stories penetrated through the crowd which mainly comprised of women and their impact of which could be mapped by the range of emotions the audience showcased. While some of the audience members had tears in their eyes during the narration, others could not conceal the joy.

The performances were followed by interactions with the audience members. A special bond was established with the community members and the discussion enabled the audience to freely speak their minds. Some even sang songs exhibiting the exhilarating spirit triggered by the performances. Many stories were shared by the audience members during these discussions too.

Khushi, whom the team met at the YMCA centre, Seemapuri, shared the daily torment her mother had to suffer at the hands of the society just because she was widowed at an early age. Confident about her ability to shape a future for herself Khushi says, “One day I will show them who I am and what I can do.”

Another audience member talked about the role social initiatives such as Mittika played in her life. She says “Even though my family  discouraged me from joining Azad Foundation, I still enrolled myself. I do not regret my decision till date. The people in the organisation provide me with every sort of support.” Others nodded at the point stressed by her about the importance of such initiatives and thanked the team for making this possible.

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