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Youth Development and Participation

We understand that young people, a large, diverse and growing group of people the world over, have the right to development and the right to participation. And while the two are different, development and participation go hand in hand.

Therefore, we work with young people to ensure that they build on their strengths and develop attitudes, values, and skills they need to lead rich lives, participate meaningfully in processes that impact their own lives and their surroundings positively and work on their own terms.


Gender Justice

Gender is deeply layered and interconnected with varied forms of identities and social systems. This is especially true in India where the complex dynamics of religion, caste, class, socio-cultural diversities layer the construction and expression of gender. 

Therefore we focus on building the agency of people from different walks of life in initiating, deepening and sustaining dialogue and context-specific, creative, non-violent action for gender justice. Campaigns, programmes, capacity building workshops, researches and knowledge resource developmnent are some of the approaches we adopt for this.


Pushing Boundaries and Definitions

We understand that an individual’s life is influenced and impacted by multiple factors. Therefore we make it our imperative to probe deep and unearth these factors and make efforts to ensure that our ‘issue’ priorities do not limit us. In fact, while giving us direction, they also give us the freedom to fully examine and address overlaps with complementary issues, push boundaries and definitions and address the different identified factors that are contributing to a problem or causing barriers for people to inhabit fulfilling and supportive lifespaces and realise their rights.